Software-Defined Protection
Millions of Industrial IoT Devices and Control Systems.

ThinGUARD® brings industrial organisations and critical infrastructure to software defined and managed security of large and complex operational networks.

ThinGUARD is a unique and pragmatic solution that manages and secures
millions of Industrial IoT devices and Control Systems in distributed networks.

Industrial IoT is a real opportunity for critical infrastructures and manufacturers in their digital transformation to industry 4.0. It increases their productivity, their product quality, and customer services and opens for them new business opportunities. The more you can connect players into your ecosystem, the more you gain in efficiency.

However, this over-connectivity induces terrific cyber-security challenges that can result in several hundred million dollars of damages on goods and human safety major risks. Because they were designed without cyber security in mind, IIoT devices are extremely vulnerable and became the Achilles' Heel of enterprises used by hackers as an entry point to attack an organization by sabotage, spying, data leakage, or ransomware.In smart factories, due to their OT devices' nature, a cyber-attack can jeopardize the employees' safety and cause a few million dollars of damages. In critical infrastructures, financial damages can reach several hundred million dollars and impact the citizens' life.

How could you take the risk to open and share your devices?

With EasySec, you don’t need to choose anymore between security or efficiency.

The EasySec security experts coming from Cisco, NDS and Check Point, built a unique Access Management Platform designed to protect all types of IP connected devices. We succeeded to combine several security models to create an entirely new access control and management solution to protect devices from inside and from remote cyber-attacks.

  ... Because Industrial IoT devices demand even more high level security than IT endpoints

  ... Because upholding your availibility is crucial for your achievement

 ... Because opening and sharing is inevitable for your success in the digital transformation success

EasySec restores confidence in connected industrial devices

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