While addressing the Industrial IoT and OT-specific concerns, ThinGUARD 2.0 brings to critical infrastructure and industrial organizations the only Zero-Trust product applied at the device level including endpoint-to-endpoint encrypted communication
even inside the OT network.

 Open out Confidently to the Industry 4.0 Era

ThinGUARD® is a unique and pragmatic solution that manages and secures
millions of Industrial IoT devices and Control Systems in distributed networks.

Security Concerns in Industry 4.0 

Industrial IoT is really an opportunity for critical infrastructures and manufacturers in their digital transformation to industry 4.0. But it induces terrific cyber-security challenges





Supply Chain Attack

Zero-Trust Security for Operational Network

The EasySec Architecture to unleash Industry 4.0 for Legacy and New Generation Devices

Preventive Device Access Control 

Moving the preventive access control from the network entrance to the device level
- Protect against insider attacks
- Protect the device discovery
- Protect against lateral attacks 

Supply-Chain Protection

Prevent and alert about rogue device traffic and supply chain attacks


Endpoint-to-Endpoint Encryption

Full data traffic protection between the communicating endpoints entirely automated

Business-based Access Control

Auto-generated device tags (location, type, model, manufacturer, etc.) may be used to build logical groups of devices 

  ... Because Industrial IoT devices requires an higher security level than IT endpoints,

... Because upholding your availability is crucial for your achievement,

 ... Because opening and sharing is inevitable for your success in the digital transformation, 

EasySec restores confidence in connected industrial devices

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